Pete Davidson And Blue Origin Cancel Planned Space Flight

Comedian Pete Davidson was expected to be the first celebrity to blast off to space aboard a Blue Origin flight this year. The flight is in line with the spaceflight company’s mission of getting more prominent people to space as it looks to refine its traveling strategy.

Pete Davidson And Blue Origin Cancel Planned Space Flight

Sadly, that mission has been aborted by both parties. With a change in schedule disrupting the plan, it appears that Davidson will have to wait for another time to fulfill his dream of going to space.

Pete Goes To The Moon

Last week, a statement from Blue Origin confirmed that they had moved the planned March 23 flight to space to a later date. The private aerospace company added that the flight’s crew had also changed, with comedian and actor Pete Davidson no longer going with the crew.

As many in the industry know, Blue Origin has made a name for launching several celebrities and high-profile individuals to space since last year - when the company’s founder Jeff Bezos first launched the initiative Davidson, who became famous for his stint on “Saturday Night Live,” was expected to be among six passengers on the fourth Blue Origin flight.

Speculations first grew when Davidson and his new girlfriend - reality star Kim Kardashian - were reported to have had dinner with Bezos at the billionaire’s home in Los Angeles. However, no official announcement was made until early March. Reports confirmed that the actor and comedian would join several notable people - including businessman and investor Marty Allen, philanthropist couple Marc and Sharon Hagle, and George Nield, the president of Commercial Space Technologies, LLC.

A Change Of Plans

All passengers were expected to launch on the New Shepard rocket on March 23 for a flight that would have lasted no more than a few minutes. However, Blue Origin announced on March 18 that they had changed the flight date and Davidson would no longer be able to join the other passengers.

According to reports, Davidson’s exclusion from the fight came amid the actor’s busy schedule. Besides returning to “Saturday Night Live,” the 28-yar-old entertainer is also busy filming “The Home on the East Coast” - a thriller movie expected to be released within the next year or two. The comedian is also expected to return to “Saturday Night Live” soon. He has been away from filming on the sketch comedy set, but he is reportedly coming back to grace the screens.

There are currently no reports concerning whether Davidson will still be on a subsequent Blue Origin flight. The private aerospace company has also yet to speak on who would take the comedian’s place or why the original flight was shifted in the first place. However, the company did confirm in its statement that the flight has now been rescheduled to March 29.

Davidson has had a whirlwind year so far. The comedian confirmed his relationship with Kardashian, who recently got divorced from rapper and businessman Kanye West. Amid a firestorm of attacks from the Grammy winner and Davidson’s past mental health issues, many have expressed concerns over the comedian’s welfare. However, representatives for him and Kardashian have confirmed that they are both fine.

Give Kanye A Spot?

Interestingly, Davidson’s withdrawal from the Blue Origin flight appears to have opened the door for a surprising replacement - Kanye West himself! Several notable names on Twitter have begun a campaign for Blue Origin to give Kanye West the slot vacated by Davidson, with many looking to simply drum up publicity for the saga brewing between the two men - and Kim Kardashian.

At the same time, reports have also suggested that West has been in talks with Elon Musk for a possible flight to space on a SpaceX rocket. Musk and Bezos have had a long-standing rivalry in the space industry, and hopping on a SpaceX flight will be the perfect way for both West and Musk to have the last laugh of some sorts.

As the reports explained, West is looking to go to space with his children - North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago - all of whom the rapper had with Kardashian. Both celebrities have agreed to co-parent amid their divorce, and West has been adamant about his disapproval of Davidson.

There are no official reports concerning a possible flight or a date yet, but it won’t be entirely surprising to see West and SpaceX collaborating on something soon. If the private aerospace industry is anything, it’s petty.

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