New EV Tires Enter the Market Promising Efficiency and Durability

Electric vehicles have played a significant role in the alternative energy market since the turn of the century. Without growth and interest, we as a society might not be as advanced in this field as we are today. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure. What can be known is the beneficial domino effect that electric vehicles have initiated, resulting in a society with growing technology, funding, and research toward decarbonizing the world.

New EV Tires Enter the Market Promising Efficiency and Durability

Electric vehicles contain an array of nuances that can alter their outcome regarding environmental footprint. For instance, depending on where the battery is sourced from, where the charging stations are sourcing energy from, and various other factors, an EV can have anywhere from a somewhat minuscule footprint to a footprint just below that of traditional combustion engines.

It is also essential to understand the assessments being conducted when discussing an EV's footprint. For example, when looking at a cradle to gate approach, electric vehicles tend to have a rather large footprint due to the sourcing and manufacturing steps. Nevertheless, when looking at the entirety of an EV's lifespan, or a cradle to grave view, they tend to have far lower footprints overall.

Where EVs have the upper edge lies within their potential. As the world begins to shift toward implementing more sustainable development to meet the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly items and curb the adverse outcomes of climate change, electric vehicles have a more significant opportunity for success.

What started as a newer concept in the late 1990s has seen a more remarkable advancement, broader range, increased efficiency, and even a price drop. Despite this, these vehicles are still rather pricy for the average consumer. With that said, we can expect to see that drop as the vehicles become even more streamlined.

A Broadening Field

There are many components that go into manufacturing electric vehicles. However, one that isn't always discussed within this topic is tires. EV tires require specialization to account for the added weight and provide additional torque, meaning that utilizing combustion engine tires isn't always an option.

This specialization has resulted in various tire manufacturers creating EV tires to help accommodate the growing field. As a result, we have seen releases from the likes of Michelin, Continental, and even Bridgestone.

Goodyear just recently announced its new design to increase efficiency, provide durability, provide long-lasting tread, and reduce noise pollution.


Goodyear is a tire manufacturer that began producing tires as far back as 1898. Since then, they have grown substantially to service a magnitude of vehicle makes and models around the globe. Their latest announcement of their entrance into the EV market with their product, the ElectricDrive GT, shows just how much electric vehicles are beginning to dominate the industry.

The special tires clock in at a price of roughly $265 each and put the company on par with moderately priced tires of combustion engine vehicles.

The tires pose an asymmetrical tread pattern for extra grip throughout the changing seasons, and SoundComfort Technology promises an ultra-durable performance.

Though Goodyear's design only comes in one size, they plan to expand their portfolio as sales increase and refine their product. News has not yet been released if the tires tend to feature any particular manufacturing or materials integration that could lower their footprint. That said, Goodyear has sustainability as a main priority on its website and emphasizes mindful materials sourcing and supply chain management.

Future of Growth

Electric vehicles have seen significant growth in sales and interest since the early to mid-2000s. Gaining popularity from a culmination of Honda's Prius' and Tesla's EVs, the vehicle has led the charge to a decarbonized industry.

According to the International Energy Agency, EVs have continued along a steady growth path, even reaching new highs during the global pandemic in places such as China and Europe.

With their growth in consumer demand comes an increase in manufacturers aiming to jump aboard the EV trend. This has yielded an array of continued technological advancements and the design process streamlining. It has also resulted in a greater interest in developing supporting products that place a crucial role in the efficiency and safety of an EV, such as tires. Tires help to increase efficiency and can provide durability. This means that they don't need to be changed as often and therefore wasted. The more durable your tires are, the less that will end up in landfills.

Goodyear is just one of the many manufacturers working to provide the EV market with a safe, reliable, and efficient addition to the market and ultimately help create a future of alternative energy vehicles that can help phase out society's reliance on fossil fuels.

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