Making Green Energy More Accessible Across the USA

Recently an American-based company announced their ambitious product that could revolutionize the world of green energy as we know it. Mango Life Company has released its unique take on a portable battery, accompanied by all the fixings that help make this product sustainable, affordable, and accessible.

Making Green Energy More Accessible Across the USA

A startup located out of the United States has recently launched a product that could revolutionize the world of sustainability and make green energy more accessible than ever before.

Mango Life Company was founded in 2021 to help integrate environmentally friendly products into the marketplace at affordable prices. The company has six different categories that they are looking to target with sustainable alternatives: Power, Pet, Fit, Kitchen, Outdoors, and Home Office.

With their current goal to grow the business and make a name for themselves as the choice for cutting edge technology, Mango Life has been trying to spread its name through various means. Perhaps their most notable way can be attributed to their recent launch showcasing their unique take on a portable battery.

In late April, the company released the Mango Power Explorer, a portable power station with the capacity for up to 2000Wh of battery power. Perhaps the best part of this launch is that the Mango Power Explorer clocks in at roughly $1200 - $1600 per unit, making the battery relatively affordable for commercial use, home use, and off-grid power.

How It Works

Individuals can charge their Mango Power Explorer in roughly 2 hours via solar panels, USB-C PD input, DC adapter, or wall outlet. The company has worked endlessly to try and make this product the most efficient it can be, with the CEO of Mango Life, Chengwu Wang stating, “The Mango Power Explorer is the first product of Mango Future Technology. Its battery capacity and output capability will give consumers the most comprehensive flexibility among their power supply options. Every full solar charging reduces 1.43 kg of CO2 emissions — equivalent to the daily absorption of 23.7 trees.”

Mango Life’s incorporation of solar panels on top of the battery is certainly clever from both an economical and sustainable standpoint. Though the price of solar energy has decreased substantially throughout the past two decades, it can still be higher than what many individuals can afford.

According to HomeGuide, the average price for solar panels is roughly $1.77- $2.20 per watt, which would come to $3,540 – $4,400 for the 2000Wh that comes with the Mango Power Explorer. Considering the average family home in the US requires 11,000 kWh or 26-33 solar panels, that price comes roughly to $10,626-$26,460. Taking these numbers into consideration, Mango Life’s ability to create their portable battery and sell it at that price point is certainly one to be celebrated.

What Sets Mango Power Explorer Apart

There are a few other large portable battery options on the market. However, what sets the Mango portable battery apart from others is not only its reasonable price but its impressive specs as well. Currently, indoor batteries of similar power will run a customer roughly $5500-$6500, far higher than the current price of its competitor. Furthermore, with the potential to be powered via solar panels, Mango Life’s product far exceeds the current ability of many other batteries on the market.

Perhaps considered the product’s most attractive feature, the detachable solar panels help accommodate individuals living off-grid, especially those associated with the tiny house and van-life movement. There are currently an estimated 10,000 tiny homes in the United States, with sales increasing by 67% in 2017 alone. The van-life movement has also seen a surge within the past few years as individuals are yearning for adventure and a more scaled-down way of living. These two movements aside, the growing mindfulness of sustainability that we have seen from the consumer side over the past decade alludes to many individuals showing interest in a product such as this.

With Mango Life’s assumed success and projected growth, we can assume that this product will likely be available on a global scale in the years to come. That said, their growth will also trigger other companies to make their version of this portable battery to satisfy consumer demand. This can lead to a ripple effect that can make this product – or ones like it – even more accessible to other worldwide markets. This can ultimately help to encourage the cycle of supply and demand and lead to the eventual transition to a more sustainable economy.

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