H2L Technologies Aims to Bring Metaverse Pain to Real Life

The entire point of the metaverse is to provide a way for people to escape the current trappings of the physical world and enjoy an immersive experience in the virtual world. However, originality with these experiences is also important, and metaverse platforms are looking for ways to keep their services realistic.

H2L Technologies Aims to Bring Metaverse Pain to Real Life

One interesting company is now looking to build a metaverse where people can feel the same things they feel in the physical - especially pain.

Real-Life Pain In a Fake World

Last month, The Financial Times shared a report about H2L Technologies - a Japanese company that is looking to help people feel pain in the metaverse. H2L has built a wristband that emits some electric shocks, allowing people to feel pain. This is a pretty interesting innovation with metaverse platforms looking to blur the line between the physical and the virtual.

Backed by Sony, H2L has built a wearable that is pretty versatile. Besides just emitting and inflicting pain, the watch was also built to convey the “weight and resistance feeling to users and avatars on the Metaverse,” according to the company.

Speaking with The Financial Times, H2L chief executive Emi Tamaki explained that the introduction of pain would help H2L’s customers to become more aware even while in the metaverse. With better immersion and feelings of presence, H2L hopes to develop a metaverse where people can truly feel - not just see or hear.

The H2L wristband employs electrical stimulation, mimicking different sensations that humans can feel - whether it’s pinching the wearer’s skin, giving a high five to your friends, or even catching an incoming basketball. Tamaki explained that the company got the idea of a haptic wearable after she had been in an almost fatal experience due to congenital heart disease while she was younger.

“I realized life was precious so I decided to work on a new field that I really wanted to dig into, as there was no one doing research at the time,” Tamaki explained to the news medium. To her, the wearable offers a way for you to still be in connection with the outside world.

Interestingly, Tamaki is looking beyond just building a wearable that could be attractive. She believes that in success, H2L will be able to help “release humans” from the constraints put on them by body, space, and time. It might seem like an overly futuristic objective, but we’re already living in a world where technology is evolving at break-neck speed, and the metaverse is here.

Possibly Critical For Mankind’s Future

Companies are already building rapidly for the metaverse. Meta (formerly Facebook) has already invested billions into developing this virtual world, and company CEO Mark Zuckerberg even believes that people could live in the metaverse soon.

Speaking on a podcast with Lex Fridman, Zuckerberg claimed that humans would prefer to migrate into the metaverse in the future, leaving the current reality behind for a world that they can govern and control. The billionaire foresees a world where people get even more immersive experiences in the metaverse that they would never want to leave.

“A lot of people assume the metaverse is about a location, but one description of it is a period when immersive digital worlds become the primary way we live our lives and spend our time,” Zuckerberg said.

If this is true, then technologies developed by companies like H2L will be more than essential. Right now, metaverse development is on the rise, and we’re all here for it.

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