To HODL or Not to HODL: 12 Crypto Visionaries YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

Things move fast in the blockchain space, and investors want to stay ahead in an increasingly volatile market. It can be hard to sift through the wannabes and charlatans, whose less than informed advice might convince you to ‘hodl’ the wrong tokens and sell your Bitcoin before a massive spike.

To HODL or Not to HODL: 12 Crypto Visionaries YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

Therefore we’ve listed twelve influencers who are true crypto experts with a track record of success as traders, innovators, and savvy journalists. With hundreds of thousands of followers, these YouTubers have connections at the industry’s highest levels, understand technology, and can help you stay in the loop.

12 Crypto Visionaries to Follow on YouTube

  1. Anthony Pompliano

    Anthony Pompliano’s channel is one of the most established sources of crypto news on YouTube. Pompliano also hosts The Pomp Podcast, a favorite with entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.

    Pomp has access to some of the hottest names in crypto, and his channel features exclusive interviews with anyone from crypto billionaires to star traders and crypto icons.

    A frequent Moon Award recipient, Pompliano has garnered numerous accolades, including Best Crypto Analyst, Best Crypto Podcast, and Best Crypto Twitter Account.

    Pomp is not only an influencer but also an industry player. He is the founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital-backed Morgan Creek Digital Assets, which made headlines when it became the first crypto assets management firm to attract investments from two Virginia-based multibillion-dollar pension funds. Needless to say, the pension funds made a killing.

    Pompliano is a true influencer whose opinions can often sway investor sentiment. He is often featured on CNBC and other top media outlets.

  2. James Rule XRP

    Based in Texas, James Rule has several years under his belt as a successful crypto investor. With experience in the oil industry, Rule was an early Bitcoin and XRP adopter and quickly became a go-to crypto influencer in the early days of the pandemic.

    He often interviews top crypto entrepreneurs and has recently reported on the need for regulatory clarity. His success as a crypto visionary landed him the coveted position of CEO at a new media endeavor financed by Valhil Capital, a high-profile private equity investment firm with a strong focus on crypto and innovation. This deal puts Rule in an ideal position to report on crypto from the inside. 

  3. Real Vision Finance

    If you prefer to get your cryptanalysis in the Queen’s English, Real Vision Finance is the place for you. According to co-founder and host Raoul Pal, Real Vision is the Netflix of crypto news. Some of the show’s past guests include Jeff Gundlach, Kyle Bass, and Marc Cohodes. The channel offers new content every week with the intent of democratizing financial information.

    Celebrated for its in-depth interviews and enthusiastic blockchain hype, Real Vision is a rare thing, a crypto news channel run by successful investors. It boasts nearly half a million followers. According to one Trustpilot reviewer, “Raoul Pal is a successful investor yet is keen to share his knowledge and seems to lack an ego. He is always open to challenge, which is unusual, and ready to learn.”

  4. Digital Asset Investor

    Digital Asset Investor (DAI) devotes a lot of time to Ripple and XRP. Among its most successful videos, the channel features an insightful interview of Greg Kidd. Run by a finance specialist with an MBA from Auburn University, DAI offers upbeat videos analyzing cryptocurrency trends.

    According to one of DAI’s many satisfied subscribers, “Digital Asset Investor is honest, realistic and he has a lot of knowledge about financial markets.”

    DAI bases his predictions and analysis on a solid experience in the conventional stock market. An early adopter, he has been involved in the digital asset market since 2013. In the words of one savvy Reddit user, DAI “is only interested in the long-term perspective, and time will tell if he is right.” The crypto influencer has over 130,000 YouTube subscribers.

  5. Blockchain Backer

    Blockchain Backer is one of the most popular influencers in the space. Adept at predicting trends, he focuses on pointing viewers towards convenient exit opportunities. Through his website, he sells advanced technical advice on crypto markets.

    Providing interesting perspectives on the Bitcoin market, Blockchain Backer adopted digital currencies early on. He predicts several altcoins are going to emerge after the Bitcoin craze subsides.

    Unlike other self-professed crypto gurus who tout courses online, Blockchain Backer offers valuable information in his freely accessible videos, presenting an insightful picture of digital asset markets.

  6. Credible Crypto

    The Credible Crypto is a tremendously popular technical trader who provides well-researched Bitcoin and altcoin analyses. He famously predicted the Bitcoin spike in March 2019 and is always on the alert for game-changing market moves.

    Credible Crypto is an ideal channel for investors and enthusiasts interested in understanding the market’s more technical aspects and what to expect in the foreseeable future.

  7. Boxmining

    Boxmining has experienced a spectacular rise to popularity, achieving 12 million views and 242,000 subscribers in only four years.

    The channel was created by Michael Gu, a certified Bitcoin professional based in Hong Kong. A trusted authority in Asia, Gu has a track record as a cybersecurity expert and has often spoken at high-profile events in the U.S. His channel offers market insights, blockchain tech updates, and Bitcoin and Ethereum trends.

  8. DataDash

    With over 430,000 subscribers, DataDash was founded by Nicholas Merten back in 2017. The channel focuses on macro trends in the crypto space. Its daily videos will keep you updated and its monthly report is a convenient tool to ensure you haven’t missed any important tips.

    If you have little trading experience and are looking to break into crypto, Merten’s entertaining and informational videos are the way to go.

  9. The Crypto Lark

    Hosted by Lark Davis, Crypto Lark dishes out crypto wisdom for the masses. Once described as ‘the Weird Al Yankovic’ of DeFi, Lark’s quirky style doesn’t get in the way of valuable information.

    With a background in political science, New Zealand-based Lark achieved crypto-fame with catch phrases like, “but, those are just my two Satoshis.” Ideal for new and inexperienced investors, the channel features subsections like “Need to know,” “Travel on Bitcoin,” and “Token tank.”

  10. Altcoin Daily

    At 678,000 subscribers, Altcoin Daily is definitely one of the top YouTube channels in the space. Run by Aaron and Austin Arnold, Altcoin offers fun videos with titles like “Kevin Smith’s Best Crypto Advice to Quentin Tarantino.”

    Offering new content every single day, Altcoin Daily features crypto news, market analysis, and high-profile interviews. If you are ready to offload your Bitcoin and are looking for tips about the next big altcoin, this is your go-to channel.

  11. Coin Bureau

    The market for dignified crypto experts with British accents is vibrant these days. Mike Jenkins, known as “Guy, the crypto guy,” is the London-based host of Coin Bureau. The channel engages its 700,000 subscribers by featuring in-depth information and reviews of cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and new projects.

    According to one satisfied subscriber, Coin Bureau is more inclined to offering credible info than pumping a specific coin. “I don't really like the channels that are constantly shilling coins and talking about 100x'ing,” he wrote. “I just feel like they are trying to pump their own bags. . . I do like Coin Bureau. He makes a lot of educational videos that give you a good starting point for researching coins that you are interested in.”

  12. Benjamin Cowen

    “You have just jumped into the cryptoverse,” Benjamin Cowen’s YouTube channel announces. His 300,000plus subscribers check in often for deep insights into the metrics driving the market. “Many sites discuss cryptocurrencies solely in the form of memes and catchy slogans,” Cowen says.

    “Analysis is typically limited to price and price predictions, rather than looking at metrics that drive the price.” With a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, Cowen has a stellar academic track record and was once a researcher at NASA. If you want serious talk on crypto stats and predictions, Cowen’s your guy.

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