19 Cryptocurrency Trends in 2021

The pandemic year has seen a dramatic surge in cryptocurrency investments. Bitcoin skyrocketed over the last days of 2020. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have proved resilient in a chaotic environment, and XRP had to deal with a hard regulatory blow from the SEC. Still, it will likely recover if the next administration is more crypto-friendly.

19 Cryptocurrency Trends in 2021

In a context of rising institutional interest, proliferating stablecoins, and pending ETF approval, we anticipate a spectacular 2021 for the crypto space.

2021 Rising Trends

  1. Institutional investors will contribute to surging trading volumes
  2. Increased crypto integration into traditional stock exchanges (Recent developments aligned with this trend include Coinbase going public and S&P launching a crypto index)
  3. Bitcoin ETF approval could bring crypto into the mainstream
  4. Stablecoins as catalysts of change. As a more stable version of digital currencies, they could open up a new market of more risk-averse investors
  5. Blockchain will continue to see new applications, attracting government investments and further stabilizing the industry
  6. More mainstream adoption of bitcoin thanks to integration by the likes of Paypal and Square
  7. Bitcoin will see increased competition from tech giants like Facebook and Google
  8. Central banks around the world will issue digital currencies. According to BIS, at least 80 percent already have CBDC projects underway
  9. China’s digital yuan will move closer to nationwide adaptation
  10. The Biden administration will move to regulate cryptocurrency without hindering innovation
  11. The COVID pandemic will continue to accelerate the transition from fiat currencies to crypto
  12. The blockchain market will grow exponentially on a planetary scale
  13. Regulatory frameworks for Fintech will surge around the world
  14. DeFi service alternatives will lure more corporate and individual consumers away from traditional banking
  15. One-third of blockchain-based projects will make it into production
  16. Private blockchains will flourish, spreading through the B2B space
  17. ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) will facilitate real-time verification without sharing sensitive information
  18. Bitcoin’s success will herald the proliferation of new digital currencies
  19. XRP will continue to recover, especially if the new SEC chief is more lenient than his predecessor

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