The Fastest-Growing Unknown Coins You Can Invest In

Choosing the best cryptocurrencies to invest in can be challenging - especially with so many options available right now. The market has become incredibly saturated, and this means that you get different types of coins available.

The Fastest-Growing Unknown Coins You Can Invest In

Some of these coins are great investments that have a lot of potentials. Others are just fluke projects that won’t do much for you in the long run. Learning how to identify the former is what will ultimately save you as an investor. With coins like Bitcoin and Ether already posting big numbers, there are a lot of small coins that can also offer the opportunity for bigger returns.

Let’s take a look at some of these coins:

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a high-performance blockchain that has gained a lot of prominence in the past few months. The blockchain functions quite well, offering impressive transaction speeds and reduced costs using its native ADA token.

Over the past month, ADA has seen its price explore. This is largely due to the market recovery, which already saw a lot of small coins test their all-time highs again. In August, ADA crossed the $2 line for the first time since May - when the market experienced a downturn.

Investors are especially happy about Cardano since the project announced that smart contracts are coming to its blockchain. With smart contracts, the Cardano blockchain will be attractive to more developers. Increased utility will eventually cause ADA's price to jump.

An expert predicted that smart contract functionality will cause astronomical growth for Cardano. It's a pretty exciting time for the blockchain and its users.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is another blockchain-based project that is getting a great deal of attention. Known as “Ethereum’s internet of blockchain,” Polygon is an interchain scalability solution. It offers an infrastructure for creating blockchains that can connect and interface.

Polygon is one of the projects that are looking to solve Ethereum’s cost and scalability issues. With Ethereum still working on its Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, projects like Polygon are indispensable to developers.

Like Cardano, Polygon has also been in the news a lot lately. Earlier in August, the developers announced that they wanted to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that they are now exploring the possibility of moving into the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

The move into DeFi is understandable. Polygon needs something to keep attracting investors, especially since Ethereum 2.0 is on its way. If Ethereum’s upgrade does happen as planned, Polygon could become obsolete. Entering the DeFi market will help the project to remain relevant with users.

Polygon’s MATIC token has been able to benefit from the news. The coin is also testing its all-time highs, showing that it might have put the woes of the past few months behind it for good.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is another coin that many people tend to leave out of their top rankings, even though its numbers have been quite impressive lately.

Chainlink is a blockchain data oracle. Data oracles are services that feed real-world data to blockchains in order to help them work. For all the benefits that blockchains have, they remain closed off from the rest of the world. This nature is great for scalability and security, but it also limits the amount of data that a blockchain can take.

This is why blockchains need a “bridge” to the real world where they can get real-time data and make decisions based on that. Oracles are these “bridges,” and Chainlink is arguably the most popular.

Chainlink became famous after many DeFi protocols used it to get data for their platforms. Since then, its adoption jump has also led to a surge in the price of its LINK tokens.

LINK has been climbing the CoinMarketCap ranks, and increased adoption is set to see that rise. Chainlink already signed a deal with Swiss telecommunications giant Swisscom for the latter to be anode operator on its network. This will allow Swisscom to feed digital asset price data to Chainlink’s network and allow protocols using Chainlink to scale even better.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is another blockchain platform that rose to solve some of Ethereum’s problems. But, instead of being just another Etheruem wannabe, Solana has grown a lot this past year. The platform itself is seeing impressive numbers, and its developers have rewarded their users with more features.

The latest of those features is Mango Markets - a blockchain-powered decentralized exchange built on Solana. Mango offers a platform for lending, spot markets, and perpetual futures. Liquidity is gotten from its native pools, as well as Serum - another exchange on the Solana blockchain.

Another bullish development is the launch of Wormhole -- a communication protocol that offers seamless interfacing between Solana and several other top DeFi projects. These include Ethereum, Terra, and the Binance Smart Chain. Solana has already integrated Chainlink into its services, allowing its projects to enjoy quick data delivery.

With the markets rallying and DeFi looking up again, Slana’s SOL tokens might be a good buy at this point.

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