A TikTok Influencer shares Cryptocurrency Knowledge with the Social Media Generation

A new group of influencers, like CryptoWendyO, are taking over the narrative of finance on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to share financial news and analysis with the younger generations

It is only fitting that the knowledge and social expansion of cryptocurrency would occur on social media. 

A TikTok Influencer shares Cryptocurrency Knowledge with the Social Media Generation


With the advancement of social platforms in the past 15 years, you are able to share any amount of information on any topic and become a dubbed influencer. But, in the age of digital currency with young audiences wanting to learn more about what could be in their financial future, an influencer who seems like an older sister is the perfect fit. 


Influencer CryptoWendyO (Rochelle) casually breaks down daily financial news for her thousands of YouTube and TikTok followers. With a small microphone in hand and a green screen behind her, she shares market scenarios, analysis, and financial basics in a palatable way to her young audience. 


In 3 short years, CryptoWendyO has cultivated 149,000 followers on TikTok, 146,000 followers on Twitter, and 70,000 subscribers on YouTube. Rochelle shares the positives and negatives of investing with cryptocurrencies. She explains the volatility of the market, while also sharing the unique future that is ahead for digital currency. 

Over the past three months, the total value of crypto jumped to about $2 trillion. With apps such as Robinhood and Coinbase, the young followers of Rochelle have access to easy trading.


“Because you get this big price movement, you start to see your friends making money, people have this general fear of missing out and they want to be a part of the excitement,” says James Petra, Vice President of product strategy at TradeStation Crypto.


Rochelle serves as a conduit for information and breaks up the monotonous group dynamic of just older men being in finance. She highlights women in the industry and also is breaking the glass ceiling as she uses her platforms to provide for her and her daughter. 


“Crypto has improved my quality of life, and I believe everyone deserves the same,” she said. “I am bullish on decency.”


Rochelle sees her work as a necessity, making financial education and awareness accessible to a wide and impressionable audience while helping others grow in financial stability. 


**CryptoWendyO keeps her real name separate from her work, because of online harassment and safety, but allows her middle name, Rochelle, to be used.

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