The VR Chair Boom: The Hottest Products

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One has long inspired virtual reality enthusiasts worldwide. Now, the utopia of a full immersion virtual environment is closer than ever before.

The VR Chair Boom: The Hottest Products

Last November, a report by Artillery Intelligence forecasted a stellar future for the VR sector. According to Artillery’s analysts, VR revenue will grow from $4.49 billion in 2020 to $22.4 billion in 2025, largely driven by a variety of VR-ready gadgets.

The VR Chair Boom

At the top of the list are VR chairs, one of the hottest trends right now. As VR moves from merely visual to a full sensory experience, these devices are becoming more and more sophisticated. Gone are the days when a simple VR headset could create a virtual reality environment. Today, we want to feel it in our bodies. We want the speed, the vibration, and the adrenaline of a real-life experience.

VR chairs are designed to create vibrations and motions in sync with the visuals delivered via VR headsets, adding unforeseen thrills to any virtual game. Two of the most spectacular chairs on the market today are the Roto VR and the Yaw1, with the Yaw2 getting ready to launch soon.

Roto VR

Featuring a motorized base, the Roto VR can rotate to 360 degrees. If you attach Roto’s Magical Headtracker clips to your headset, the chair will rotate following your head movements.

If you take a ride on a virtual roller coaster, Roto’s sensors will deliver intense vibrations to make the experience much more vivid. Meanwhile, the chair’s digital pedals can simulate walking.


The Yaw1 is an equally exciting product. It weighs only 57 lbs and folds down to a convenient size for easy storage. This sleek-looking chair’s design has been compared to a spaceship. It can rotate 50 degrees on the horizontal axis and 360 degrees on the vertical axis. Its open-source platform makes the Yaw1 very attractive for gaming enthusiasts, who can combine it with VR products from other brands and systems.


The Yaw2 model promises a higher motion range, outstanding speed, and a more comfortable design. It offers a 40° motion range for roll, 70° for pitch movements, and 360° rotation if you add the Yaw Platform.

No wonder the Yaw2 prototype raised over $2.7 million on Kickstarter. Designed to prevent motion sickness and offer a fully immersive experience, this model also features a welcome relaxation function.

Yaw2 Features

  • Ultra-low latency
  • High motion speed (up to 360°/s)
  • Powerful motors (350Ws)
  • Built-in vibration: enables vibration coming from speed, acceleration, getting shot, etc.
  • Gameplay time tracker

Yaw2 is also an ideal workstation, featuring an ergonomic desk, a replaceable seat, a useful timer for remote presentations, and posture correcting assistance.

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