Medical Virtual Reality Market Posed to Hit $30.40 Billion By 2026

Fortune Business Insights reported an impressive 42.4% CAGR for the global Virtual Reality in Healthcare Market, placing North America’s medical VR market in the lead by 2026.

Medical Virtual Reality Market Posed to Hit $30.40 Billion By 2026

Advances in wearable VR technology took the asking price of headsets from $25,000 in the 1990s to under $300 today. Affordability delivered virtual reality headsets into the hands of video game enthusiasts and fitness geeks. But 3D VR technology in medicine is where it’s at.

Accelerated health care adoption of VR technology and rising investments in medical VR innovation have fueled the market growth. From surgical training to pain management, applications of VR technology in medicine are showing limitless potential.

Psychologists tout VR therapy as a breakthrough innovation in treating debilitating cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through Prolonged Exposure, pandemic frontline medical workers, Iraq War veterans, and 9/11 victims suffering from PTSD revisit traumatic events in an immersive, 3D environment.

Tailored specifically to the traumatic trigger, programmers design VR software to recreate every detail, from weather, furnishings, and vehicles to sounds and smells. It works. In as little as six one-hour sessions, repeated exposure to trauma through VR therapy has been shown to lower PTSD symptoms by 90%.

Companies like BehaVR produce pre-programmed VR headsets for healthcare providers. Founder and CEO Aaron Gani tells the New York Times BehaVR is prepping to produce similar products for consumer anxiety relief.

Pioneers at the center of emerging medical VR applications include’s recently launched virtual health clinic Amazon Care, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Mindmaze, Daqri, InTouch Technologies, Psious, Facebook Technologies, Augmedix, EchoPixel, Surgical Theater, 3D Systems, Hologic, Orca Health, Atheer, and Medical Realities Ltd.

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