DRESSX Is Making Virtual Clothing & Fashion NFTs Mainstream

The next trend in fashion? Clothes that can’t be worn, felt or hung in your closet.

DRESSX Is Making Virtual Clothing & Fashion NFTs Mainstream

That’s the idea behind DRESSX, a digital fashion marketplace that sells the usual pants, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and accessories—but none of it is tangible. You can only wear DRESSX clothing in the digital world.

Although DRESSX has no fitting rooms, you can try on clothes with the power of VR in the DRESSX app. Once you’ve chosen your look, DRESSX’s team will Photoshop the outfit onto a photo of your choice and send it back to you within a few days. Then, you can use your new high-fashion image on social media, dating app profiles, live streams, video calls, or wherever else your photo shows up in the digital world.

One drawback of DRESSX is that most outfits can only be “worn” in a static photo. However, DRESSX is forging partnerships with VR companies in hopes that its clothing can eventually be worn throughout the metaverse, where it will look and move like real clothing (just worn by avatars instead of humans).

DRESSX has already hinted at the potential of its technology with two exclusive NFT clothing lines. Last year, DRESSX partnered with Crypto.com to create an NFT store where customers could purchase styles inspired by SpaceX. DRESSX also has an NFT line with video game company Atari. Powered by Enjin, the line includes video game-inspired digital clothing that can be purchased and owned in the blockchain. It can also be integrated into a few blockchain apps and virtual reality games, with more to come this year.

Of course, like any other NFT, DRESSX’s NFT clothing can increase in value and be traded. Fashion NFTs could have massive potential, with Morgan Stanley estimating that the virtual fashion market could be worth more than $55 billion by 2030.

Even for NFT skeptics, the potential of NFT fashion is clear: people have spent money on custom skins, clothing, and accessories for their avatars since the dawn of video games. As the metaverse expands, there is no question that people will want access to exclusive digital clothes and accessories.

DRESSX Is Changing Fashion for Good

Although DRESSX’s clothing exists only in the digital space, the company has already influenced the real-life fashion world. Runway looks from Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, and Off-White have been digitized and sold through DRESSX; it’s only a matter of time before the trends flow the other way. Design-wise, DRESSX’s offerings lean toward the futuristic—think shimmering fabrics, color-changing materials, and accessories that defy gravity. With the fashion world always looking for the next big thing, it’s very possible that we’ll see the same design trends on runways in real life.

Another real-world benefit of a digital wardrobe is its positive impact on the environment. DRESSX allows people to buy designer clothes with virtually no environmental impact. There is no need for physical materials or shipping, and no clothing to throw out and add to landfills with digital fashion. Influencers and fashionistas can still purchase unique looks to wear for photos or events, and there is no waste if they never wear the outfit again.

Even if you prefer to have your clothes hanging in your closet, DRESSX’s technology presents interesting opportunities in the real world. The ability to try on clothes virtually before buying will improve the online shopping experience substantially for both consumers and clothing brands, who spend billions of dollars on online returns (not to mention, most online returns cannot be resold and are therefore destroyed—another environmental problem improved by digital fashion). DRESSX’s tech could also be used to create a digital record of real-life wardrobes, making it easier for people to keep track of their clothes and style outfits digitally before digging through their closets.

Digital fashion has the potential to seriously transform the way we purchase and wear clothes for the better. As our lives continue to blur with the digital space, expect DRESSX to have a growing influence on fashion, in the real world and the metaverse.

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