Bored Businesses: Bringing The Bored Ape Universe To Real Companies

Over the past year, we’ve seen an incredible increase in non-fungible token (NFT) activity. More people are minting these tokens and making money from them, leading to an expanded universe filled with different platforms and token collections.

Bored Businesses: Bringing The Bored Ape Universe To Real Companies

Among the most successful collections has been the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Developed by Yuga Labs, this collection has become arguably the most popular NFT collection in the market today. Everyone wants to own a Bored Ape.

Interestingly, we’ve also seen an influx of businesses being modeled after the Bored Ape collection. These are real-life companies using the Bored Ape marketing to drive themselves and also model their structures after the collection. If anything, these businesses show that NFTs can be used to affect real life - not just the metaverse or whatever virtual world the developers would like to create.

Bored Breakfast Club: Web3 And A Cup Of Joe

Earlier this year, the world was introduced to the Bored Breakfast Club - an innovative NFT-based program booking to establish a community for coffee enthusiasts worldwide. The Bored Breakfast Club bills itself as the world’s first Web3-focused coffee subscription service. It is a collection of 5,000 NFT breakfast scenes, all built on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

As expected, each NFT in this collection is unique. However, instead of just sitting in your wallet and growing in value, these NFTs serve as membership tokens, offering free shipments of coffee from some of your favorite brands.

Back in January, Bored Breakfast Club signed a partnership deal with Yes Plz - a coffee subscription service specializing in delivering coffee to its users’ doorsteps. Under the partnership terms, all NFT holders as part of the Bored Breakfast Club will be able to get door coffee delivery courtesy of Yes Plz.

Speaking on the partnership, Brad Klemmer, the founder of Kley - a marketing agency that founded the Bored Breakfast Club - explained:

"We're completely rethinking the way subscription models have traditionally operated by offering coffee lovers the opportunity to join in on a membership that provides real-world utility and access to a digital coffee community… Our goal is to not only deliver a high quality, physical product worldwide, but also to continue adding value for our members in a variety of ways."

As expected, the NFT holders would also be able to access a growing online community, a library filled with digital content, live events, and even discounts on coffee bag shipments. Think of it as the original BoredApe Yacht Club, but for coffee enthusiasts.

The Bored Breakfast Club releases NFTs in periods, and members of the club also get to claim a bag of coffee per release period. Thanks to the Yes Plz partnership, all bags will be shipped for free worldwide. Some members have reportedly purchased multiple NFTs so they can ship free coffee bags to their friends and family. And, the Bored Breakfast Cub has developed a very seamless online distribution procedure.

Bored & Hungry: Good Food For NFT Lovers

Besides the Bored Breakfast Club, there is also Bored & Hungry - an upcoming burger and fast food joint that opened this month in Long Beach. The restaurant was founded by Andy Nguyen - a restaurateur based in Orange County. Nguyen had purchased three Bored Ape NFTs, and he suddenly came up with the idea of building an artsy burger pop-up with the NFTs.

The Bored & Hungry brand offers free combo meals to members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club - as well as the Mutant Ape Yacht Club; another NFT collection built by Yuga Labs. As expected, people can also come into the store to pay for their meals and enjoy them. Like many others, Nguyen was drawn to establish this shop to show the utility of NFTs. He said to reporters:

“When people mention the word NFT, it’s either ‘oh you’re in the NFT world?’ or ‘oh,’ like in a negative way. I’m here to help bridge that gap of painting it in a positive light for both worlds.”

With the restaurant expected to open for just 90 days, it would be interesting to see how much traffic it can attract - whether from NFT enthusiasts or just fans of good food.

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