Larry vs Harry Delivers with a Versatile Electric Cargo Bike

“Wait, I’d better take the car.” How many times have you heard yourself say that, as once again circumstances forced you to leave the bike at home? Yes, you’d like to ride more. It’s better for the planet, better for your health, easier to cut through backed-up traffic, and easier/less expensive to park. But where you’re going, you have to take stuff, or kids, or pick up stuff, or kids. Now, thanks to the Danish company Larry vs Harry, you’ve got a practical alternative: the eBullitt, an electric cargo bike built to haul extensive loads easily and efficiently.

Larry vs Harry Delivers with a Versatile Electric Cargo Bike

Yes, conventional cargo bikes are somewhat heavy and cumbersome, not fun to ride, and not agile enough to maneuver confidently through congested streets. But leave it to the land of Hans Christian Andersen to take that ugly duckling concept and turn it into a graceful swan. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the eBullitt is a vast improvement on numerous levels.

First, the cargo hold is built into the frame with a low center of gravity that makes the bike easier to balance and steer. The extended front of the chassis can seat two large children, or several cubic feet of gear. And for added safety, seat belts restrain the kids, and running boards assure they won’t dangle their feet into the street.

Here are some of the impressive specs for what’s being called “the ultimate cargo-carrying machine”:

  • 2,430mm (8 foot) frame
  • Lightweight at only 28 kg (about 62 pounds), electric motor included
  • Shimano STePS electric propulsion system providing 60Nm of torque for quick starting and cruising at 15 miles per hour
  • Shimano XT 11-speed Di2 electric gearing (optional) for precision shifting
  • Fold-away seat (with seat belts) in the cargo area
  • 110km (68-mile) battery range
  • Handlebar display showing remaining battery life

The eBullitt is available with a host of customizable extras, including a weatherproof canopy for passengers, and cargo boxes and signage for commercial use. But imagine the possibilities for the average city-dweller or suburbanite. You could ride the kids to school and avoid the delays at the congested drop-off lane. Or shuttle them to various activities, going right up to the door, without ever worrying about parking.

And what about your own recreation? It’s probably struck you as ironic, and maybe given you a pang of guilt, that you drive a gas-guzzling SUV to enjoy the wonders of nature. With the eBullitt, you can pack your gear for a day at the beach: ice chest, wakeboard, umbrella, blankets, and towels. Or, if you’re a true sport, load up our parasail or kiteboard. Off for an afternoon of mountain biking? Take the eBullitt to your trailhead. It might take a bit longer, and rolling at more than 15 mph will require some pedal pumping on your part, but you’ll enjoy a cleaner and quieter ride, avoid traffic jams, and park with ease.

The eBullitt gives households the versatility of a second car, but without the steep registration fees, insurance premiums, and fuel costs. The initial costs for this cargo bike are considerable, but for active adults who are conscious of their own health and that of the planet, the eBullitt makes a great deal of sense.

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