And You Thought Power Rings Only Existed in Fiction: Meet the Ōura Ring

Throughout history, rings have denoted status and authority, while in popular culture, certain baubles have conveyed immense power. From Bilbo Baggins to Green Lantern to Underdog, rings are powerful accessories giving heroes a competitive edge against their adversaries. If you’re looking for an edge in the age of wearable tech, there’s a ring designed to elevate its wearer to peak performance.

And You Thought Power Rings Only Existed in Fiction: Meet the Ōura Ring

The Ōura ring is a simple gadget that uses infrared light sensors to gather crucial data related to your body’s activity and vital signs, translating that information into easy-to-understand scores related to sleep, readiness, and activity.

Available in several colors, Ōura is an unobtrusive ring you slip on your finger and forget about. As you go about your day and sleep/toss-and-turn through the night, Ōura’s sensors take highly accurate measurements directly from your finger’s arteries, producing a record of your movements and your body’s response. The goal is to arm you with critical information to optimize your health and help you reach peak performance.

One of the casualties of modern living is sufficient sleep. We’re so revved up during the day, we can’t seem to wind down at night. The health consequences are awful: sleep deprivation makes us irritable, impatient, unfocused, and inert. Lack of sleep makes it impossible to maintain a regular exercise regimen, can lead to obesity, and increase the chances we’ll cause a harmful accident. We know the importance of rejuvenating sleep, and even set the time aside, but getting quality sleep is still elusive.

If the only superpower you crave is to be able to sleep through the night, Ōura provides insights on the depth and timing of your sleep, your heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, body temperature, and nighttime movement, so you can better understand your overall sleep quality. And, Ōura’s program offers personalized sleep hygiene guidance so you can make specific adjustments for a better overnight experience. Imagine waking up revitalized every morning and ready to face the day!

During the day, Ōura keeps track of your activity levels, including calories burned and steps taken, as well as your inactive periods and, if you’re so lucky, your naps. You’ll better understand patterns and habits you might have to adjust to keep your system humming.

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Finally, Ōura provides useful data related to your recovery after strenuous activity. Your Readiness score measures the degree to which you’ve rebounded from your last round of exertion, letting you know if you’re rested enough for the next challenge. Receiving regular feedback allows you to maintain a schedule that keeps you operating at your mental, emotional, and physical peak.

The main selling points of Ōura are its simplicity and accuracy. But to make it even simpler, Ōura integrates with other performance tracking programs, such as Google Fit & Apple Health, so you can continue to use the programs you’re accustomed to while receiving more accurate readings. The affordable price is a big plus as well.

When it comes to optimizing your health and wellbeing, knowledge is power. Ōura makes acquiring and processing that knowledge easier than ever before.

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