Silk-FAW Ups The Ante on Hybrid Hypercars

Limited Edition Hongqi S9 2022 Will Cost $1.5 Million

The Hongqi S9 was revealed at Auto Shanghai 2021. Produced through a joint venture between Silk EV and Chinese automaker FAW, the plug-in hybrid hypercar was designed by Walter De Silva, Silk-FAW’s VP of Styling and Design. The mastermind behind several Alfa Romeo, Audi, and Lamborghini models, De Silva certainly has the credentials for the job.

Silk-FAW Ups The Ante on Hybrid Hypercars
Image by Alexander Migl Creative Commons license

Combining ultra-luxury with high-performance and clean energy, the Hongqi S9 represents China’s attempt to become one of the leaders in the zero-emission mobility market. A hybrid model featuring a “highly electrified V8 engine,” the S9 offers the best of both worlds. Silk-FAW will only make 99 units and will begin taking orders before the end of the year.

Praised for its aerodynamic efficiency and elegance, the Hongqi S9 is expected to herald China into the global luxury EV market. FAW Group Chairman Xu Liuping hopes the model will turn Hongqi into a “truly global brand.”

According to Silk-FAW’s Chairman, Jonathan Krane, “The Hongqi S9 combines a dynamic, sustainable and exclusive driving experience with the use of cutting-edge technology and innovation, delivering to China and the world the next generation of luxury new energy vehicles."

Designer De Silva said he created the “forward-thinking” hypercar "with people who seek exclusivity in mind...linking functionality and aesthetics that looks toward the future." Production of the 2-door coupé will take place in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region and China’s Jilin Province in China.

For Silk-FAW, this is only the beginning. The joint venture vows to continue developing “ultra-luxury, high-performance, new energy sports vehicles for China and the global markets.”

Hogqi S9 Features

  • 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine
  • Electric motor
  • 1,400 horsepower
  • V8 engine recharges the battery in a few seconds
  • Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive
  • Electric range: 25 miles
  • Carbon fiber air intakes integrated into headlights conduct air to the engine
  • Two screens for the driver
  • One screen for the passenger
  • Low-speed ventilation humidifier-purifier system with sealed filtration
  • Adjustable interior lighting
  • Red paintwork with exposed carbon fiber in functional parts
  • Smart electrochromic windows with dynamic tint intensity
  • Compact and efficient e-axle
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior

Besides Hogqi, China boasts several promising EV startups, including Nio, Xpeng, Airways, Li Auto, and WM Motor. As battery power conquers the automotive industry, Hongqi seems well-poised to compete with Tesla, which has managed to become the most valuable automaker in the world. As Chinese EV companies begin attracting Western investors, Silk-FAW’s S9 will undoubtedly ignite the feeding frenzy that dominates the sector today.

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