Mercedes-Benz EQS Brings Luxury to Electric Car Design

If you dream of soft leather interiors, clean energy, and futuristic software, look no further; Mercedes-Benz is bringing its flagship S class’s safety, and innovative technology to electric car design.

Mercedes-Benz EQS Brings Luxury to Electric Car Design

The German automaker’s EQS 2021 model is “the most significant launch of a Mercedes-Benz in decades, potentially ever,” according to Adam Chamberlain, the company’s VP of Sales for North America.

The high-end car manufacturer hopes to bring back customers who recently switched from S-class Mercedes models to Teslas. The EQS 2021 will be available for purchase in the US this summer.

The new model features a 56-inch LCD ‘hyperscreen’ that covers the entire dashboard. The hyperscreen comprises three separate screens: one located in front of the driver, one in the center, and a third in front of the passenger. There are four more screens in the new EQS, allowing each passenger to play their own content and share it with other occupants. One of the vehicle’s most futuristic-looking features is a display that projects data onto the windshield.

The EQS’s user interface features an AI assistant called MBUX, which can control temperature, your preferred playlist, and seat massagers. The voice-activated assistant can also direct you to the closest charging station.

With the new Mercedes, opulent luxury will finally enter the electric car market. Emulating other S-Class models, the EQS’s interior is a triumph of quality leather, polished wood, shiny metal, and adjustable lighting. Efficiently insulated and silent, the new Mercedes provides a truly unique experience for drivers and passengers alike.

The car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just four seconds. The navigation system has performed well during tests, permitting complex last-minute maneuvers.

The EQS’s $100,000 price tag is not too far above the Tesla Model S cost, at $81,190. Mercedes plans to roll out various versions of the vehicle, including a midsize sedan and three different SUV models.

Combining ‘Electric Intelligence’ and safety with European luxury, the EQS is expected to become the star of the 2021 summer.

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